November 29, 2008

Poll: Most Impressed with so Far?

We asked the question to readers, "Who are you most impressed with so far?"
Those results aren't all that surprising are they?

My Take:

I personally voted for Batum as we already knew what we should be expecting from Rudy.  We've seen the hundreds of Youtube clips and we all definitely saw his play during the Olympics so rather than being "impressed" I would say more like "satisfied."

Batum on the other hand couldn't get off the bench in summer league and was almost guaranteed to be heading back over seas to play a couple more years.  And then, something changed and just days before the season kicked off vs. the Lakers, there was chatter about him possibly starting?  Of course, he didn't start that game, but has started since and has made quite an impression.

I'm starting to get worried about the return of Martell Webster.  He's never really fit his game into the NBA or with the Blazers and we are all aware that once he returns, he'll be starting and Batum will be struggling to get off the bench next to Bayless.

Time to start cooking up trade talk with either Martell or Travis?

Your thoughts?

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Anonymous 11/29/08, 11:23 AM  

i'm a big outlaw fan, but i'm really loving batum recently. i wouldn't be sad to see martell fade away.

Anonymous 11/29/08, 11:32 AM  

I'm with you. They gave Martell a shot and he hasn't turned out to the consistent shooter they thought he'd be. Batum has been brilliant.

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