December 13, 2008

Blazers just Need a Break. Los Angeles "Clips" Portland in Double OT. 112-120

Ultimate frustration set in last night as we walked out of the Rose Garden.  Brandon Roy goes for a career high, LaMarcus plays as well as we've seen, and 4 free throw misses in the closing seconds costs the Blazers the game?  This one hurts.

Quick Recap:

The Blazers didn't play all that well the entire game to tell you the truth.  The first and third quarters were what we expected against a far inferior opponent like the Clippers but the second and fourth were the killers.  Roy basically did everything in his power to drive this team to a victory but was ultimately left out to dry.  Of course Zach Randolph had a HUGE game against his former team and of course he annoyed the hell out of all of us.  Once again, a buzzer beating three either cost us the game or only prolonged future misery.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Thank you Brandon for finally showing how good you can be.
  • Thank you Greg for playing the way this team needs you to play.
  • Thank you LaMarcus for playing just good enough.
  • And the hell with the rest of this team.
  • Baron Davis had a huge limp, and still dropped 27 an the regulation equalizer.
  • are still a black hole.
  • I knew Al Thornton was impressive, but last night solidified that thought.
  • We had some fun with Ricky Davis in the closing seconds.
  • Time for a much deserved break.
Plus/Minus Sheet:

Box score.

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