January 10, 2009

Grizzlies Re-sign Darius Miles to 10 Day Contract.

We all knew it was coming.

Larry Miller, team President, finally spoke with the media and confirmed the reasoning behind the now famously infamous email.
“We were hearing a lot of rumblings and rumors that there were teams out there planning to sign Darius Miles specifically and maliciously to hurt our organization,” Miller said. “This was our way of responding to that and letting folks know that we were not going to take it sitting down.”
What I'm still trying to figure out, is why no one in the entire NBA or media realized that those pre-season games with Boston counted toward the 10?  I mean seriously...don't the Trail Blazers have some intern that can read a damn collective bargaining agreement for a couple hours a day?  The organization's reputation took a huge hit when it found out like everyone else did through Yahoo Sports.

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