January 28, 2009

Hey Idiots, Brandon Roy Played for Washington.

Tonight, I take Blazers fans to task.

Was anyone else at the game tonight?  Was anyone else there during the 4th quarter where the lady in the 100s behind the bench stood up in the Washington Huskies Roy jersey?  And was anyone else completely annoyed while Blazers fans booed her?

Now I understand that many of you are Duck or Beaver fans, but give me an f-ing break here people.  She wasn't wearing the jersey to show her love for the Huskies, she was wearing the jersey as a tribute to Brandon Roy.  Your All-Star.  Your "savior".  Your EVERYTHING.

If there is one thing that drives me insane, it's uneducated bandwagon fans.  Lets just clear this up real quick.

BRANDON...ROY...PLAYED...FOR...THE...WASHINGTON...HUSKIES.  How did you not realize that's who's jersey she was wearing?  His jersey being retired last week ringing a bell?  Oh probably not, because you don't follow the Blazers unless you are attending a game in your designer jeans, while sitting in your lower level seat, while making sure you leave 5 minutes before the game ends to beat that traffic rush only after you've gelled your hair up enough to be noticed on your social outting.

I'm happy that many of you have jumped back on the Blazers bandwagon this year, but if you don't know any of the history that follows "your" team, then just keep your mouth shut.

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Anonymous 1/28/09, 11:11 PM  

They were booing because she had a 'butter' face.

Anonymous 1/28/09, 11:44 PM  


Anonymous 1/29/09, 8:09 AM  

Hahaha. +1 Anonymous

Anonymous 1/29/09, 1:07 PM  

A bold statement indeed.

I do remember hearing the boos in section 308 and saying over and over, "It's Brandon Roy!"

I was a little peeved as well.

Anonymous 1/29/09, 1:16 PM  

And the lady kept mouthing "its Roy's jersey" while continuing to have a confused look on her face. I was screaming it as well...

Damn fans sometimes.

Anonymous 1/31/09, 1:43 PM  

I would have stood up and screamed out loud, "SHE'S WEARING A BRANDON ROY JERSEY! MORONS! GO HOME, BANDWAGON FANS!" It would have been asocial of me.

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