January 8, 2009

Iverson Still has No Answer. Blazers End Detroit's Streak. 84-83

Watching Allen Iverson clank two short floaters down the stretch of last night's game brought a tear of joy to my eye.  His career is finally swirling downward and in the near future, I won't have to watch those annoying "practice" soundbites any longer.  And an added bonus, is the fact that he has been garbage all season long against the Portland Trail Blazers!

Quick Recap:

I missed most of the first half due to my latest workout download, the P90X series (which kicks ass!).  From the commentary in the beginning of the third quarter though, it sounds like the first half was worth missing.  The second half was basically back-and-forth basketball with the Blazers stealing a possession here or there.  The 4th quarter was as exciting as it gets with the Blazers jumping up 4 after a huge Blake three, followed by a couple of bonehead defensive plays bringing the Pistons right back into it.  In fact, the Pistons had the lead with a minute to play, missed a shot, rebounded it, and ran through another shot clock.  And then some how, miraculously, they just made it happen.  Doubtlaw came through with the game winner.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Should we start calling LaMarcus the "Detroit Killer"?
  • Bayless!  That's the fire we've been talking about!
  • Blake with a sneaky little double-double.
  • Iverson, you do not fit in with this team.
  • Stuckey, after being on fire for a week, was a complete non-factor.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how they won 7 straight without Rip and Sheed.
  • Oh, because they played the gutter of the NBA (except for Orlando).
  • Maxiell is usually such a force against Portland, where was he?
  • Kwame mouthing at Joel was hilarious.
  • Walter Herrmann's blonde highlights are tremendous.
  • Next up, the much hated Golden State Criminals.
Plus/Minus Sheet:

Box score.

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Anonymous 1/8/09, 2:33 PM  

Oh and with Mom not there the Blazers posted a huge victory, but I'm not sure she is a jinx just yet. The Wizards game will be the tell all. Hopefully, Brandon will be back with a vengeance.

Anonymous 1/8/09, 2:36 PM  

Haha, you could at least put your name in there Mom. :)

Anonymous 1/8/09, 2:40 PM  

Blaze of Mom! love it.

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