January 7, 2009

Kevin Pritchard is Ready to Trade!

OK, not really, but he sounds a lot more open to trading now than he ever has.  He's happy where the team is (and who wouldn't be), but as I sneakily dig deep into his mind, I can feel some moves coming on.  And he keeps saying "If trades will make the team better, then we'll consider them," which I like.

And we'll also correct him for a minute by reminding him that Portland is only the SECOND youngest team.  (Please slap me now.)

And thanks for the video Meags!


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Anonymous 1/7/09, 1:28 PM  

I remember reading somewhere that Portland would be the youngest team if Raef LaFrentz wasn't on the roster. Hmm....

Anonymous 1/7/09, 1:49 PM  

And since he's gone for the year, let's call them the youngest!

Plus, KP is never completely wrong on anything. I'm sure he has some extra secret info that says Portland truly is the youngest.

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