January 28, 2009

LaFrentz on the Move to Sacramento for Salmons?

I'm still trying to figure out why on Earth the Blazers would want John Salmons...?  Where the hell is he going to play? Who's minutes would he be stealing?  I thought we'd all come to the conclusion that Outlaw needs to go and at some point Pritchard needs to bring in a more consistent point guard?

Obviously this move is all about getting rid of Raef's ridiculous contract and freeing up cap space somewhere down the line.  Now, I'm not about to go all contract-nerd on you and give you 15 different scenarios and start speculating about things that will never come to be.  Instead, I'll let others waste their time doing that!

Super Kings blogger, Tom Ziller, put together just about every option possible for the Kings and Trail Blazers to make this deal happen.  Here is one option:
LAFRENTZ FOR SALMONS + THOMAS. This is basically the LaFrentz version of MILLER + THOMAS FOR MARION, except that 1) Marion can actually help the team win some games this year, and b) the Kings save real dollars (not cap space) this season with LaFrentz as insurance will be paying his salary the rest of 2008-09. With just this deal, the Kings would walk into this summer with roughly $18 million in cap space, assuming a Moore waiver. (Rodriguez could also be added to this deal, if Pritchard is feeling generous.) Note that this gets you huge, Boozer-level cap space without moving Miller, which means that theoretically you could pull something like MILLER + MOORE FOR MARION and end up $32 million under the cap this summer. Which is a really, really hot scenario.
Now give yourself a chance to breath and soak all that in.  OK, you got it?  Yeah me neither.


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Anonymous 1/28/09, 12:53 PM  

Why get rid of Outlaw was there are guys like LaFrentz and Randolph that are completely irrelevant? They almost never play any games and seem to have no personality with the team. Outlaw may not be consistent, but he's not a bad player and people at least know who he is.

Anonymous 1/28/09, 1:14 PM  

Well LaFrentz definitely needs to go because of that damn contract.

I brought up Outlaw because a guy like Salmons would probably take time away from either him or Batum and create another large logjam at SF which is something I don't want to see.

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