January 15, 2009

LeBron, Seriously...You don't get it.

The little blurb of LeBron James sticking up for Darius Miles has been making the rounds over the last 2 days and I couldn't help buy comment on it.  In case you missed it, here it is:
’’The way they came out and handled that situation was completely wrong,’’ James said. ’’There was definitely a way they could handle it better. D-Miles is a good guy.

’’You have to pull for somebody like that after a situation like that. He gets some more games and he’s going to get what he deserves.’’
What the hell is he talking about?  What does he deserve?  He's getting every dollar he was ever told that he was going to get.  As I've said time and time again, Darius Miles is not a victim here.  Everyone outside of Portland needs to stop treating him like one.

Here is some advice King.  If you ever want to be as big (or bigger) than Michael Jordan, you need to learn from him.  MJ would have never commented on something unless he was completely informed on the situation as to not sound like a complete moron.

I still love ya though; keep makin' plays!


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Anonymous 1/15/09, 1:05 PM  

Agreed. I also can't stand the popular idea within Portland that the Blazers are victims in this deal, either. People of Portland: This is Portland's fault.

Anonymous 1/15/09, 1:48 PM  

Definitely. I see zero victims in this deal. The 'independent' doctor was wrong, and now they are paying the price. We need to move on.

Anonymous 1/15/09, 8:15 PM  

So we are paying the price for an independent doctor being wrong...i don't follow

Anonymous 1/15/09, 10:32 PM  

What aren't you following about that?

Anonymous 1/16/09, 10:26 AM  

So the Blazers hired an Independent doctor who was wrong about his injury? Or Darius hired an Independent doctor? Why would the team believe an Independent doctor's analysis over their own team docs either way? What the hell happened here???

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