January 19, 2009

Oden Dominates the Bucks? Portland Rolls Milwaukee. 102-85.

Seriously, typing "Oden dominates the Bucks?" makes me feel giddy, nervous, confused and excited all at the same time.  What a feeling!  I've been bagging on him all season long, but tonight, I can't.  The energy was exactly what I've been begging for and he finally brought it!  Congrats big guy, now just sustain this.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • LaMarcus let Charlie Villanueva look like an All-Star.  Come on LA.
  • Greg you beast you!
  • Loving the all-around game from Sergio tonight.  Bayless who?
  • I wonder how Joel is feeling with his decreasing playing time?
  • Brandon, you need to find your old form.  This post-hamstring deal is no fun.
  • There was a Richard Jefferson sighting!  Not a bad one either.
  • Michael Redd.  -28.  Eek.
  • Time for Cleveland!  Fresh off a loss in Los Angeles!
Plus/Minus Sheet:

Quite the performance tonight from the starters I'd say.  +30 for Brandon Roy on an off night?  Just shows you the presence the opposing team senses when he's on the court.

Highlights for those of you Cavs-Lakers-ing:

And the post game interview with Oden (via Bust a Bucket):

Box score.

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Anonymous 1/20/09, 2:19 AM  

I was hoping Oden would come out of his recent slump with Bogut out, but 20+ points and 15 rebounds was a nice surprise. Nice to see Rudy post a double digit score too.

Anonymous 1/20/09, 8:45 AM  

I'm just hoping when Ben Wallace comes to town on Wednesday, he does put his little tail between his legs again. I wish he would use this as momentum and build on it. It's obvious how good they can be with an inside presence.

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