January 9, 2009

Portland Lays Down the Law on Darius Miles

As our friend TO would say, "Get yo popcorn ready!"

The Portland Trail Blazers released a statement this morning warning other NBA franchises not to sign Darius Miles.  My jaw has basically been on the floor for the last hour as I somehow figure out if this is real or not.  Are they kidding?

Obviously I love the Blazers, but threatening the entire league doesn't sound like an incredibly smart move does it?  You are tempting almost all of them to go ahead and sign him and say, "Hey KP, suck on this" and drop a Dwight Howard-esque wrestling taunt.

Plus!  Isn't this like handing  Darius over the keys to a brand new 2009 Mercedes Benz-me-over-and-sue-the-hell-out-of-me?

Here is a piece from the statement:
"The Portland Trail Blazers will take all necessary steps to safeguard its rights, including, without limitation, litigation,'' Blazers president Larry Miller stated in an e-mail Thursday to all NBA front offices, SI.com reported after getting access to the memo from an NBA team executive.
And maybe this didn't really happen and we can all just wake up from this odd little nightmare that Darius Miles won't seem to disappear from?


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Anonymous 1/9/09, 9:40 AM  

Because sending out a bunch of threatening e-mails never ever backfires, I guess.

Anonymous 1/9/09, 11:19 AM  

The league has also responded saying that it backs any team that decides to sign Darius.

We all just need to accept the fact that he'll play 2 more games, Portland will get take a cap hit and we'll move on.

All they need is a decent veteran on this team to win anyway.

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