January 3, 2009

Portland Misses Roy. Hornets Out-Everything Blazers. 77-92

The outcome of last night's game shouldn't come as a huge surprise to any of us.  After the effort and heart put into the game on Tuesday against Boston, there was no where for this team to go but down.  When you hit a peak of emotion with your star playing missing, it is almost impossible for you to repeat it.  Brandon just needs to get healthy in a hurry.

Quick Recap:

There was plenty of effort throughout the entire game and during the first few minutes, the Blazers looked like the better team.  However, as the game trekked on, it became apparent that they were out-manned at many positions.  When Aldridge has disappeared, and Roy is out with an injury, there is no legitimate third option to take over the game.  Rudy was hot for 2.5 quarters, Outlaw showed some spark, but that was about it.  Chris Paul laid back resting for 3 quarters and then decided in the fourth to completely take over and end everything.  Three's were falling for New Orleans while the Blazers (aside from Rudy) couldn't find anything outside of 18 feet.  Down the stretch there was just too much CP3 and too little of anything from Portland.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Aldridge proving again how big of a defensive liability he can be.
  • Oden proving again how young and unpolished his game is.
  • Joel proving to be the only thing close to an enforcer.
  • Chris Paul proving to be well ahead of the the point guard class.
  • Tyson Chandler proving to be as big of a tool as we all imagined.
  • Posey proving to be as annoying as ever.
  • I swear Byron Scott and Nate could be brothers.
  • What was with the new Blazer Dunkers?  Weak.
  • It's going to be a long two weeks.
  • Oh, and Outlaw -22?  Explain why you people like him again?
Plus/Minus Sheet:

Highlights for those of you watching Utah dominate the Saban:

  • The Chandler v. Przybilla Debacle


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