January 27, 2009

Roy's Facial Lifts Blazers. Portland Snips the Clippers. 113-88

It's amazing that a single dunk in the 3rd quarter of a basketball game can completely flip the momentum from one team to another.  Brandon Roy accomplished this feat last night...

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Someone please come up with a Brandon Roy theme song.
  • Can we say that Oden has arrived?
  • After bagging on Outlaw, I'll have to acknowledge his play as of late.
  • Defensively though, this team is awful.
  • It's a good thing the Clippers D-League team ran out of steam.
  • Eric Gordon is going to be one hell of a pro.
  • And Al Thornton, damn.
  • Other than Roy, thanks are owed to the Blazers bench for this win.
  • Bring on the Boooooooooobcats!
Plus/Minus Sheet:

Highlights for those of you repping squats:

Box Score.


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Anonymous 1/27/09, 1:11 PM  

Poor Cheikh Samb. He started the season in Detroit, was sent to Denver in the Billups/Iverson trade, and then got traded to the Clippers. And now he's the victim of Brandon Roy's epic dunk.

I wished the Blazers wouldn't have let the Clippers hang around as long as they did, but at least that dunk brought on the blowout. And they shut down Eric Gordon. But what was up with LMA last night?

Anonymous 1/27/09, 1:43 PM  

I just typed out a damn comment and it didn't show up. Nothing more annoying than that.

Let's just say that Roy got his mean look on...and LA disappeared for sure.

Anonymous 1/27/09, 4:47 PM  

Oh man, that's really annoying - especially when you've made a HUGE comment.

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