January 9, 2009

Union goes Grievance on Portland over Miles

Oregon Live is all over the Darius Miles saga and has word that the union will file a grievance against the Trail Blazers claiming they are "shocked" at this move.
"We are shocked at the brazen attempt by the Portland Trail Blazers to try to prevent Darius Miles from continuing his NBA career," players' association director Billy Hunter said in a statement.
And Sean Meagher, the mastermind behind the OL Blazers' Blog has some gripping audio coverage of Kevin Pritchard during practice today.  This is definitely worth a listen.  KP doesn't sound like a guy that just ate prime rib does he?


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Anonymous 1/9/09, 11:37 PM  

This is not a good situation for the Blazers. Most likely out of spite; the Memphis Grizlies have just signed the big D to a ten day contract. This could be one of the worst case scenario teams to sign him; an under achieving team (that is obviously upset over the litigation threat) which will have an opportunity to wheel Darius onto the court with 3 minutes left during a route compliments of any West Coast team. I guess at least it wasn't Minnesota!

What I'm trying to say is that, I just don't understand the intention of "The E-mail" from the stand point of the Blazers head office.

Oh, and good luck to Brandon Roy now with getting his votes from the other teams coaches and official for the All-Star team.

Anonymous 1/10/09, 12:31 AM  

In defense of the Grizzlies, they let him become a free agent so that they wouldn't have to sign him for the rest of the year and could sign him for this 10 day contract. They need an extra guy right now with Darko out but aren't sure they need him for the entire year.

But your point on Brandon Roy could be spot on, which is unfortunate. Lets hope the front office didnt just screw him out of another All-Star bid.

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