February 20, 2009

15 Thoughts vs. Atlanta 2/20

After an incredibly uneventful trade deadline has come to pass, we have to actually start thinking about games again.  And tonight’s match-up is just the test the Blazers need after hearing news that their team will remain together throughout the remainder of the season.  We heard talks of extra motivation and cheers of joy following Kevin Pritchard’s announcement yesterday, but the Atlanta Hawks are now in town and ready to roll.  They might not be considered a classic east coast “power” yet, but I think we all understand just how dangerous they can be.

1.  Closer game than ESPN Accuscore is predicting.  +1 Blazers
2.  Josh Smith will likely abuse LaMarcus all night.  +1 Hawks
3.  But Brandon will pimp slap Joe Johnson from baseline to baseline.  +1 Blazers
4.  Blake vs. Bibby?  +1 Hawks
5.  This would have been a game for Oden to make a difference.  +1 Durant
6.  Are the Hawks the east coast version of the Blazers?  Toss Up
7.  Time for Outlaw to prove he was worth keeping.  Toss Up
8.  Hawks have taken 5 of 6 on the road.  +1 Hawks
9.  But they are also in the middle of a loooooooong road trip.  -1 Hawks
10.  And Portland is working towards 7 straight at home.  +1 Blazers
11.  Portland’s bench.  +1 Blazers
12.  Anyone else still feeling a little frustrated over no trades?  Toss Up
13.  Rudy at Washington Square last night.  +1 Autographed Jerseys
14.  The game is in HD!  +1 Me and -1 Golden State’s Gangster Feed
15.  How important is this win?

Totals:  Blazers 4   Hawks 2   Durant 1   Me 1   Gangster Feed -1

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

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BlueWorkhorse 2/20/09, 10:02 AM  

9. The Hawks are in the middle of the road trip.

& JJ definitely won't be getting pimp slapped. However, I doubt he'll be asking for any powder himself...should be pretty even for those two.

Anonymous 2/20/09, 10:12 AM  

Thanks on the "middle" catch...didn't realize this road trip was that damn long. Wow.

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