February 24, 2009

15 Thoughts vs. Houston 2/24

The Houston Rockets are on fire right now without Tracy McGrady.  You can see this team really gelling now that they know exactly what they've got for the rest of the year.  Aaron Brooks, Mr. Local, has also stepped  into a starting role now that Rafer Alston is gone and the Rockets haven't missed a step.  Things may be good now, but let's just think back to November, Houston.

1.  ESPN Accuscore seriously has Houston this heavily favored?  +1 Rockets
2.  Don't they remember Brandon Roy from November 6th+1 Blazers
3.  Ron Artest will sure try to prevent that from happening.  Toss Up
4.  As will Shane Battier.  Toss Up
5.  Blake vs. Aaron Brooks?  Toss Up
6.  Can Portland overcome more road troubles?  Toss Up
7.  Not sure that Scola can keep up with LaMarcus.  +1 Blazers
8.  So much for a Yao-Oden battle.  -1 2007 Draft
9.  Games like these are real tests towards the future.  +1 Future
10.  McGrady done forever?  Toss Up
11.  Bench play?  +1 Blazers
12.  Houston just tallied up 7 straight at home.  +1 Rockets
13.  Hello Rockets Dancers intro+1 Mardi Gras Costumes
14.  And it's Mardi Gras night at the Toyota Center!  +1 Fat Tuesday
15.  It's not getting easier after this one.  Toss Up

Totals:  Blazers 3   Rockets 2   2007 Draft -1   Mardi Gras 2   Future 1

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

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