February 11, 2009

15 Thoughts vs. Oklahoma City 2/11

After that embarrassing loss to the OKC Thunder last Friday, “your” Portland Trail Blazers get a re-match and a second chance to somehow prove that Greg Oden was the “right” pick just 2 years ago.  Tonight will also mark the first chance that Sonics fans will have to head down and see their former team take on their former rival.  Welcome back Seattle!  Anyone else excited to see how rowdy the Seattle folks can get tonight in their special section?  It’ll be like having two cities cheering against one opponent!

1.  Who can step up and guard Mr. Kevin Durant?  Toss Up
2.  Getting caught on your heels is not an option this time around.  -1 Blazers
3.  Trade talk starting to effect this team?  Toss Up
4.  Is Westbrook already better than any Portland PG?  +1 Thunder
5.  Assuming Greg shows up, he should have his way.  +1 Blazers
6.  As should LaMarcus.  +1 Blazers
7.  And of course Roy.  +1 Blazers
8.  ESPN Accuscore really just went 82% on us.  +1 Blazers
9.  Probably because OKC is 3-21 on the road.  Eek.  +1 Blazers
10.  Chances of Durant pulling out a practice H-O-R-S-E shot?  Toss Up
11.  Westbrook proves he’s the better dunker over Rudy?  Toss Up
12.  Nick Collison cannot seriously be a factor.  Toss Up
13.  Solid complete game performance from Portland?  Toss Up
14.  My fiancée rocking the Durant Sonics jersey tonight.  +1 Die Hard
15.  Still imagining Durant in black, red and white.  +1 Championship

Totals:  Blazers 4   Thunder 1   Die Hard Durant Fan 1   Championship 1

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

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