February 2, 2009

An Awful Look at the Past

From time to time, I find it extremely entertaining to type in Blazers keywords into Google and see what random garbage images it can come up with.  So today's time wasting exercise brought up some very fun pictures of past Blazers that after the fact left you saying, "Why...did...they...ever?"  Basically a handful of players that either should have never been in the league to begin with or were so washed up by the time they got here that Isiah Thomas might even been left embarrassed.

This first photo was happily titled "new faces" or something to that extent.  While Shareef had his moments, his best years were long behind him by the time he arrived in Portland.  And I'm not sure there is much to say about "Not-so-dunking" Dan Dickau and Theo "Stilts" Ratliff is there?  Man, times were tough when these 3 had their own banner...

This second photo is a classic.  Can anyone name these 2 players?  No?  Some of you?  Sergei Monia and Viktor Khryapa (updated cuz even I was wrong) ring a bell?  The "Russian Connection" before our "Spanish Connection"!  At least Kyrylo grew that damn hair out and looks slightly older than 14.

Photo three is Erick "Living off my last name" Barkley.  He actually started 4 games back in 2001-02.  Any idea where this failed early NBA entree wound up?

And the best of all from today's waste of time Google image session?  A player(ette) who probably could have brought just as much game as the rest of these former clowns.  Please welcome, Blazer Barbie.  Her Drexler-esque shorts are enough to grab her at least 5-6 minutes per aren't they?


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Anonymous 2/2/09, 3:58 PM  

Those would be Sergei Monia and Viktor Khryapa, the latter of whom was traded to Chicago with rights to the #4 pick in 2006 for one LaMarcus Aldridge.

Anonymous 2/2/09, 4:32 PM  

Khryapa thats right! Dammit! See even I forgot who the hell they were.

Anonymous 2/4/09, 12:13 PM  

Blazer Barbie probably could outplay Monia, Khryapa, Dickau, and Barkley... hell, maybe she could have even outplayed Shareef in his last couple years.

I was excited to see Shareef traded to the team, especially since he didn't fit the "Jail Blazer" mold... it's too bad that they got him after his best years.

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