February 10, 2009

Blazer Dancers Site goes Legit in 2009

 (Blaze...what are you doing back there?)

I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you about the recent update to the Blazer Dancers page.  After all, that is half of our schtick isn't it?  Someone has to bring you the loveliest dance team on the planet...and that someone is Blaze of Love.

  • New, fancy flash action when you hover over each dancer.  One minus is the blurriness that happens...I was lost for a second.
  • Each BD now has their own page with multiple life size photos for your viewing pleasure.
  • As far as I can tell, each BD also has a bio including some neat little tidbits about them personally including birthday and nicknames.
  • A new live action gallery with a few pics you may not have seen yet.
  • And even a new video which we have for you below.

The New Video with Caitlin and fiery redhead Taren:

(I believe they also made a short commercial out of this.)

And a Few New Photos to Leave You with:


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Anonymous 2/10/09, 3:51 PM  

lol @ match.com is trying to compete with Blazer Dancer awesomeness with a picture of one of those webcam chick models. Thanks for the eye candy, match.com, but I'll take the Blazer Dancers.

Anonymous 2/10/09, 4:18 PM  

Yeah kind of tough to compete with Marissa in a ref's outfit.

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