February 5, 2009

Dallas Stays Hot, Hangs on to Beat Portland. 99-104

If you couldn't tell already, to me, writing about a loss is about as painful as listening to someone refer to the Blazers as the "Zers" or watching D-Leaguers like Brandon Bass dominate a game.  And sure enough, the latter happened last night.  That would actually be 2 games in a row against the Dallas  Mavericks that a D-Leaguer made the difference.

I don't have all that much to say about the game as it's pretty apparent that LaMarcus Aldridge can't guard anybody...even Brandon Bass.  At this point in the season, you can start marking down the games in which the Blazers play at elite power forward and assume it is going to be a close one.  Until Aldridge realizes that stopping the guy he's guarding is 1,000 times more important than outscoring them, he'll never reach that "elite" level.

And I'm not even going to rag on Oden, because I'm just accepting the fact that he is way too young to be reliable on a nightly basis.  Problems arise when Joel is having an off night along side Greg though.  It is pretty tough to succeed when both of your big men are just as effective sitting next to Shavlik  Randolph as they are actually on the court.

The last thing that needs to be touched on is something the Mikes said last night at the end of the game.  They brought up the slow starts that the Blazers have been struggling with the last few games followed up with the point that Bayless has been a much needed spark at the end of games and really seems to get the team rolling.  Maybe time to forget about Sergio and go full on J-Bay?  My frustrations might just completely boil over if Blake comes back and Bayless is sent back to the bench; he is obviously a major assest to this team while Sergio, in 2.5 years, hasn't proven he is.

On a side note, be careful doing a "brandon bass" image search on Google.

Anyone else have anything they'd like to point out from the game?

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