February 10, 2009

H-O-R-S-E Participants Decided for All-Star Weekend!

The NBA finally announced its participants to the much anticipated H-O-R-S-E competition during this weekend's NBA All-Star game festivities.  Last year's competition with NBDL players was such a huge success that the league responded and brought it back!  Only this time with actual basketball players...

Current "Blazers Killer" Kevin Durant leads the 3-man group and is joined by potential Rookie of the Year candidadte O.J.Mayo and All-Star reserve Joe Johnson. 

It sounds like the contest will be held outside of the actual arena which I have mixed feelings about.  Still should be a lot of fun!

And speaking of horse...anyone remember LeBron getting worked by some random kid in a game last summer?  I've got you covered:

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T-Mac 2/10/09, 5:21 PM  

This is hilarious...Lebron looked like he just wanted to get that over with and get back to throwing chalk dust in the air. Joe Johnson is going to dominate...but if STEVE BLAKE had gotten the nod, he would have done really well, too. Rudy could have made some sweet HORSE moves too.

Anonymous 2/10/09, 5:34 PM  

I would have liked to see Rudy participate...would having him in 3 all-star competitions have been overkill? :)

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