February 17, 2009

No More 6-man Out of Bounds Plays for Portland?

The play that the Boston Celtics are still b*tching about from a game with the Portland Trail Blazers back in December will soon be something of the past.  Well sort of.  We all know that Boston fans will likely never let it go and if their home court advantage disappears come playoff time, they will surely blame this one play...which took place in the first half of a game...against a team missing it's superstar.  Intelligent fans and players, aren't they?

Here is the proposed fix for that fantastic situation:
As a result, the league's competition committee approved a recommendation to the Board of Governors on Friday that will change the rule in the upcoming weeks.

The revised rule will allow the non-offending team to accept the result of the play and shoot a technical foul or decline the play's outcome and shoot a technical, with the offending team, in essence, creating a "do-over." In other words, the Celtics would have been able to disallow the Trail Blazers' points and shoot a technical, followed by Portland inbounding.

Remember the play that I am talking about?  The 6-man out of bounds play of course!

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