February 13, 2009

Oden with the Quickest ESPN Chat Ever?

Big GO stepped into the online chatting world of ESPN today for about 5 minutes?  We busted through with a question at the end only to realize he had said, "goodbye".  Oh well...here is a quick excerpt from the chat.
Tyler (Medford, OR): How are you dealing with the pressure of your rookie year? Is it what you expected

SportsNation Greg Oden: I expected to be playing a little bit better. Or more consistently playing better. But it's cool, being out there playing. But I expect more out of myself.

Matt: Greg, what areas of your game do you think you need to work on the most? Thanks

SportsNation Greg Oden: I always say every aspect of my game. But most definitely me improving offensively would help. And defensively, improving there and closing down on the paint.

adam (nm) [via mobile]: Would you like to be on an nba live cover?

SportsNation Greg Oden: It would definitely be an honor. When you're one of the best you get to do that.
Good stuff, but the same stuff we've been hearing all year.  Who asks him about "pressure"?  Chalk up the 10,000th time that question has been asked.

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Anonymous 2/13/09, 9:48 PM  

If I hear anyone else ask Greg Oden about "pressure" he is feeling in his rookie year, I may poke out my own eyes...haha...it would be less painful

Anonymous 2/14/09, 10:04 AM  

I was already at the point and now have just one eye left. :(

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