February 12, 2009

Refs in Bed with Maggette. Hand Warriors Win over Portland. 105-98

Flop, f lop, flop...flop, flop, flop...flop, flop, flop!  It's one thing to flop a couple of times a game and steal a call.  It's another thing, when everyone in the building including the referees, knows you are about to flop, and then they still call it with minimal contact.

As many times as the referrees handed the game over to the Golden State Warriors tonight, they just kept proving to us why they are one of the worst teams in the entire NBA.  In fact, with a 32-18 foul difference, they still couldn't manage to pull away from the Blazers who easily played their worst game of the year.

No need for a full recap on this one.  I think we all know the reasons for this loss.

Congrats Golden State!  Mark this one down on your calendars!

Now, can we please get to the All-Star break where the Blazers actually have players participating unlike the bottom feeders they lost to tonight?

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Anonymous 2/13/09, 4:11 PM  

blazers turned it over 23 times...thats why they lost..warriors r playin well blazers r the better team as of now but they played like crap until the last 6 minutes

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