February 9, 2009

Rihanna and Martell had a Moment?

At times, I'm all about the gossip!  In fact, if this blog could be all about Blazers and Blazer Dancers gossip, things would be great.  Unfortunately, this team is filled with a bunch of great guys who hang out at home most of the time while the Blazer Dancers are just as caught up with steady boy toys.  (That sentence sounded so bad...)

But today, we have a chance to stir up some dirt!  For those of you living in a cave, you may not have known that Chris Brown and Rihanna have been dating for quite some time.  And you also may not be aware that they had a little domestic dispute last night and little CB found himself in jail for his childish actions.

So the point here, is that after reading an article on this little debacle, I noticed a comment from some random internet nobody:
6:14 PM Cammie Says:

Look if this is true i dont know how to feel because if i had been pushed to the point i would probably have smacked the Sh8t out of her myself. Lets face it be shes a HO3. I mean she fu** and Sucked the BbAL PLAY Martel something for the Portland Trail blazers and many other celebs she so damn clingie and shes from the island and they are natural freak's down their they would sleep with anyon. Its very sad but Sh8t happens.........
That true?!?!  Martell had his go with Ms. Rihanna?  I've heard the rumors of her "easiness" but didn't know Martie took his turn.

I think in the world of media, I need to have 3 sources to confirm.  I'm working with 1 random commenter right now, which I'm going to count as "one".  Two more come forward!

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