February 24, 2009

Vacation Time for Blaze of Love!

Tomorrow at noon I'll be bording a plane and heading off to a remote beach where I'll be sucking down tasty beverages and absorbing as much sun as humanly possible without being mistaken for a lobster.  The rainy weather and gloomy months that this lovely city brings each year always start to really get to me around February.  So this year, we're doing something about it!

While I'm away, I seriously doubt I'll even attempt to find the time to post, but you just never know.  Laptop will be on back, but mainly just to stay in touch with civilization, the bank account and Tiger Woods.  If I had been extra motivated, I would have looked for a guest postee, but that's not the sort of burden I would have liked to place on anyone.

Thoughts for my absence...
  • Tomorrow night will prove to be the longest night of the season?
  • And how much pressure will be on Portland in Minnesota on Friday?
  • Will Greg EVER come back?  What's with the booze and pot stories?
  • San Antonio again on Sunday?  Ewww.
  • Indiana at home when I return on Wednesday!  
See you all in a week for that final playoff push!

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Anonymous 2/25/09, 7:59 AM  

Watch out for sand snakes!

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