March 9, 2009

15 Thoughts vs. Los Angeles (Lakers) 3/9

Game of the year anyone?  I bought tickets to this game so long ago, that I had almost forgotten the actual date of it.  It seems wrong that we had to wait until March 9th to finally bring the Lakers to town doesn’t it?  Winners of 7 straight at home against L.A., “your” Portland Trail Blazers desperately need to extend that number to 8.  We all know that they can’t beat anyone legit on the road, so the least they can do is take down Hollywood at home and hopefully jump another couple of spots in the playoff standings.

Things are always different when the Lakers are in town, so the “15” is changing to one-two word thoughts:

1.  Kobe.  +1 Lakers
2.  Phil.  +1 Lakers
3.  Gasol.  +1 Lakers
4.  Roy.  +1 Blazers
5.  Bynum.  +1 Bust
6.  Oden.  +1 Bust
7.  Fisher.  +1 Flop
8.  Martell.  +1 Kobe’s Shoes
9.  Rose Garden.  +1 Blazers
10.  Accuscore+1 Lakers
11.  Odom.  +1 Toolbox
12.  The “Stache”+1 Bust a Bucket
13.  L*kers+1 Blazers Edge
14.  LaMarcus.  +1 Post Game Interview with Us (Maybe)
15.  Lakers.  +1 Lakers

Totals:  Blazers 2   Lakers 5   Bust 2   Flop 1   Shoes 1   Tool 1   BaB 1

Predicted Winner:  Lakers

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Anonymous 3/9/09, 6:45 PM  

lakers are going to fucken pound the blazers

Anonymous 3/9/09, 11:11 PM  

Haha Anonymous! Glad to see all your Lakers brethren at the game getting stomped. Thanks for showing up!

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