March 17, 2009

Blaze of Love Grows...A Little

The BoL hit another stage in it's blogging life this week!  Woohoo

So what happened?  Well, we received our Google "Sitelinks" for lack of a better internet term.  So what the hell does that mean?  Well, that means when you type the keywords "blaze of love" into Google, you get our site first, plus it has those nifty little direct links under it. 

Here is the screeny:

Normally, Google gives out anywhere from 5-15 links underneath your site but for some odd reason, they decided to give us a whopping 3.  And the worst part, one of them is Darius Miles, whom we've only written about maybe 5 times?  So random.

Anyways, I'll be looking to update these in the next week or so through my Webmaster Tools to hopefully give you all some halfway meaningful links such as the "Blazer Dancers" link, which to me, is the most damn important one.

Weird post, I know, but just wanted to share.  Thanks for everything BoL readers!

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