March 27, 2009

Blazers act as "Playoff Team", Burn Suns. 129-109

The other day, Ben from Blazers Edge was at practice as usual, and wrote a post emphasizing the thought that the Blazers finally look like a playoff team.  Sure enough, they came out and showed it last night.  In a clich├ęd “must win game,” Portland delivered with some extra force last night against the Phoenix Suns.  LaMarcus and Roy led the way like we need them too and Oden and Joel controlled Shaq "enough".  The bench stepped up, the energy was up and the crowd was definitely alive.  This performance was exactly what was needed for the city of Portland to start preparing for its first postseason in years.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Let’s not forget that the Suns were just a little shorthanded.
  • After the first quarter, you could almost sense magic from Brandon again.
  • Where was "Blazer Killer" Matt Barnes tonight?
  • Third quarter ending was epic.
  • Aldridge is reaching All-Star level offensively.
  • Oden...1 rebound...but those massive blocks made it all OK.
  • Anyone get the Supercr3w performance?
  • Batum.  We love you.
  • Sergio had 8 assists, yet still seemed ineffective.
  • Joel and Oden combined for 2 rebounds.  I have no comment.
  • Memphis time!

Plus/Minus Sheet:  (Hello starters!)

Highlights for those of you NCAA-ing:

Box Score.

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