March 10, 2009

Blazers Make it 7 in a Row. Portland Romps Lakers. 111-94

Last night's game against the Los Angeles Lakers was easily one of the top 3 games of my 4 year  career here in Portland.  The energy, the play on the court, the fans.  It was essentially a perfect game from the Blazers against one of their fiercest competitors and rivals, AKA the best team in the league.

Lakers/Kobe Fans in Portland:

What's with all the fake ass bandwagon Kobe/Lakers fans in Portland?  I'm guessing they are in every city, but the numbers seemed to double last night compared to other past Lakers contests.  They all walk in with attitudes too, because their fake fandom with the Lakers somehow makes them really special?  Not getting it...

All I can say, is please keep coming out and spending all that cash for 100 level seats while the Blazers romp you over and over again.  And then we get to watch you exit the arena with your tail between your legs wondering why you just dropped $75 for Kobe's newest jersey plus another $40 for your girlfriend's matching version.

Ariza Foul:

Even after seeing this play live in the RG and then the single replay they showed on the scoreboard, I still don't think Trevor Ariza's foul on Rudy was a cheap shot.  Was it a hard foul on a fast break with a guy in a completely vulnerable position?  Yes.  Did Ariza deserve the flagrant 2 and ejection?  Yes.  But again, was it a cheap shot?  No.

*Update*  - ESPN is reporting that the league will NOT suspend Ariza for this foul.  This is the correct decision.

Defense, defense, defense!

Tbe Lakers looked like the slow kid trying to fit the triangle into the square slot last night against the Blazers defense.  By far, the best team defensive performance of the season.  Joel Przybilla should have been handed an award last night for the 1-on-1 job he did on Pau Gasol.  Phenomenal.

Bonus footage:

The Blaze of Love team remaining clutch from the charity stripe.  (Well, half of it. Hah.)

Box Score.

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Unknown 3/10/09, 10:38 AM  

That's awesome, brings back some nice memories of the clutch shooter. Next time get into a 3 point shooting contest.

Anonymous 3/10/09, 10:44 AM  

Actually funny story about it. After MD hit the pause button on my first free throw, I got back in line to see if I could shoot another and these 2 Canadian guys were in front of me trying to do the same thing. So they gave the guy this BS story about coming all the way from Canada and they needed to shoot a the guy lets them and he tosses up an air ball. Haha. Solid.

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