March 27, 2009

The Final Stretch - 10 Games Left - Blazers End in 7th?

Only 10 games left?  Crazy.  It’s been a long season, but at the same time, seems to have just flown by with ups and downs creating a mixture of emotions.  “Your” Portland Trail Blazers sit in 6th place in the Western Conference, just 1 game back of the Northwest leading Denver Nuggets and just a half a game in front of the Utah Jazz.  This conference is as predicted, going to come down to the last couple of games or possibly, THE last game of the season.

So here is the deal…after plugging all teams and remaining games into the “Blaze of Love Fantastical Playoff Simulating Box”, I came up with some not so jolly results.  After looking through the remaining games of the 8 teams jockeying for playoff position, I attempted to pick winners, based on nothing other than how I felt about the match-up.  I of course, gave plenty of favor to home teams but also tried to look realistically at the timing that each team faced one another.  You definitely can’t assume that all home games or all games against non-playoff teams will be won.  I’ll definitely be looking forward to these pre-playoff performances between potential playoff teams.  It’ll be fantastic.

With all of that nonsense spewed, here are my final Western Conference standings:

Position Team W L
1 LA Lakers  66 16
2 San Antonio  56 26
3 Denver  53 29
4 Houston  52 30
5 New Orleans  52 30
6 Dallas  51 31
7 Portland 51 31
8 Utah  49 33

Now I know that’s not necessarily what you wanted to see from a Blazers blog, and I hope more than anyone that they prove me wrong, but their schedule is brutal.  I have them hitting a rough patch against Memphis which drops them into a 4 game slide ending with a crucial home loss to the Lakers and possibly drops them out of a chance for the top spot in the Northwest.  In fact, in my scenario, by the time they get to the game with the Nuggets, they’ll be 3 games back and the game won’t end up being a factor.   (Shiver now.)

Your thoughts?

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Steven 3/27/09, 2:19 PM  

They will not lose to the Lakers at the RG. I don't care how intense the game or Kobe is. The Blazers will rise to the challenge, beat LA again, and the final seedings will come down to game #82 which is against Denver.

kellex 3/27/09, 3:08 PM  

If the Lakers come to town not and use the game as a chance to rest their guys before the playoffs, the Blazers will likely extend the streak. But if not, the Lakers will come with some incredible force and it should be an epic battle. (that sounded cheesy) Plus, the Lakers have a game the night before, so they have to travel which could benefit.

That 4 game road trip coming up is going to make or break the Blazers chance at winning the NW.

Anonymous 3/28/09, 3:48 PM  

I just can't see losing to Memphis today. You must have no faith.

kellex 3/28/09, 6:32 PM  

I don't think they'll lose to Memphis today, but they could on the road IN Memphis on April 7th.

Anonymous 3/30/09, 11:28 AM  

51 wins seems about right for the Blazers, but if they finish there, theres no way both the Hornets and the Mavs finish ahead of them in the final standings. Both of those teams are going to need miracles to finish with more than 50.

Anonymous 3/30/09, 11:02 PM  

51-52 wins for the Blazers is about right, but I agree with the above poster that you are way too generous to New Orleans and (especially) Dallas.

Kellen 3/31/09, 8:39 AM  

They almost all play similarly difficult schedules, and like I said, favored most home games. It's going to get ugly over the next 2 weeks.

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