March 9, 2009

Lakers in the Rose Garden - 6 Game Streak Look-Back

The media has done a fine job of pointing out the fact that the Blazers have owned the Lakers at the Rose Garden over the last few years taking 6 in a row.  This prompted us to go back and take a quick look at each of these games to decide what the deal is.  Are the Blazers catching the Lakers on back-to-back nights?  Are they just outplaying them?  Is it simply the RG?  What's the deal?

Game 1 - April 20, 2005 - Blazers 106-103 - Box Score.
  • No idea how the Blazers won this game.  Kobe went off and the Blazers still had Ruben Patterson.
  • Maybe the fact that Pritchard was the interim head coach at the time and is quoted as calling Ha Seung-Jin a part of the Blazers' "future".
  • Oh yeah, Kobe was also without Phil and Shaq.
 Game 2 - January 11, 2006 - Blazers 113-103 - Box Score.
  • Again, another head scratcher.  Kobe goes off for 41 and the Blazers rely heavily on Juan Dixon and Ruben Patterson?
  • Always nice to end Kobe's streak of 45 point outbursts.  (Not that anyone should be bragging about giving up 41.)
  • The Lakers will likely blame this one on Smush Parker, but we're going with the Von Wafer sighting off of L.A.'s bench.
Game 3 - March 1, 2006 - Blazers 99-93 - Box Score.
  • The common thread here seems to be Kobe going off for 30+ with the Blazers still winning despite having one of the worst lineups in NBA history.
  • I can't believe Krhyapa started so many games for Portland.
  • The Rose Garden crowd returns?
Game 4 - November 8, 2006 - Blazers 101-90 - Box Score.
  • Brandon's mysterious heel injury sidelines him...Blazers still win.  Seriously, none of these make sense.
  • Zach has a big game and we see how awful Andrew Bynum is yet no one complains like they do with Oden.
  • The recap actually talked about Zach dropping pounds and becoming more dedicated.  (hahahah.)
Game 5 -February 29, 2008 - Blazers 119-111 - Box Score.
  • The official beginning of the new Blazers.  Roy and Aldridge pairing up for a big win.
  • This was the Lakers squad that was on its way to the NBA Finals.
  • Great time to end a Lakers' 10 game win streak.
Game 6 - April 8, 2008 - Blazers 112-103 - Box Score.
  • The future is now.  
  • There was even a Channing sighting!
So what's the conclusion?

The Rose Garden matters.  I know that we all already know this, but when you look back at many of those Blazers teams, they should never have won any of those games.  The Jail Blazer era was coming to an end and the team was filled with horrible draft picks and Zach Randolph yet still found ways to win.

If the current home streak is going to reach 12 and the home streak against Los Angeles is going to hit 7, then tonight's Rose Garden crowd is going to be as important as ever.

I know they won't disappoint.  (It is the Lakers after all.)

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