March 10, 2009

Lamar Odom Suspended 1 Game

League officials smack thugboy, Lamar Odom with a 1 game suspension for his role in the altercation that occurred last night between the Lakers and Blazers.
The NBA announced on Tuesday that Odom will serve a one-game suspension without pay for leaving the vicinity of the bench during the altercation. He will serve the suspension when the Lakers play at Houston on Wednesday.
It's too bad the suspension comes against the Rockets seeing as the Blazers are competing with them for playoff positioning.  Why couldn't they just hold onto his suspension until April 10th when the Lakers come back to Portland?  The chances of a thuggish repeat of last night would be decreased by 200% with Odom out of the arena.

Another interesting note in the article touches on Rudy and Sergio watching the game while sitting in the hospital.  Poor Rud-ster couldn't even laugh because his whittle ol' lungs were hurting.  Cute.

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Anonymous 3/10/09, 8:42 PM  

Why are the suspensions so minimal? One game is not enough for this, or any other infraction. Do you agree? I may be biased--I do hate Odom bitterly.

Anonymous 3/11/09, 7:03 AM  

I think with the "leave the bench" rule, you can't necessarily make it more than one game because the rule itself is sort of a joke and completely up to the league's discretion on how hard they decide to enforce it.

But I do agree that Lamar Odom is a cancer and whenever the Blazers are playing the Lakers, I feel like he's one tiny moment from throwing a haymaker at someone.

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