March 25, 2009

Longest Antonio Harvey Article in the History of Earth

After Monday night's loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, one Blazer fan found Antonio Harvey's take on the game to be worthy of a 2032 word thesis.  Supposedly the NBA had a fix on this game and Antonio wouldn't admit it!  Apparently, to the author of this article, shooting 29% from three and 40% overall while allowing the Sixers to shoot 51% for the game has nothing to do with the outcome?  Oh, and the fact that there was only a 5 foul difference between the two teams...granted, there was a huge discrepancy in free throw attempts, but we see that almost nightly in the NBA. In fact, I would argue that the Blazers were fortunate to even be in this game especially after the horrid start they had.

My favorite excerpt from the article:
Further, it is shameful for so-called "Blazer" Antonio Harvey to come out on FM radio and publicly defend the corrupt/utterly incompetent refs—especially after the Tim Donaghy incident has shown us that NBA refs are not above fixing games. The fact that the congressional "investigation" in to NBA refereeing did not turn up any other guilty refs has probably just made these guys feel like they can get away with anything. With all the gambling that goes on surrounding NBA games, how is it any surprise when the refs pull this stuff?
All I can say to that is, "hahahah!"  This guy is fantastic!  Someone hire him to write more 2000+ word conspiracy theory articles.  By no means am I a huge Antonio Harvey fan, but come on, a "fixed" game?  And people actually still talk about Tim Donaghy?

I was at the game and never once did I feel that this game was "fixed".  Were there some bad calls?  Of course.  Steve Javie was one of the officials; would you expect anything else from him?  But a "fix"?

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