March 20, 2009

Pre-Weekend Ramble - 3/20

I'm still completely consumed in NCAA Tourney action so I apologize now for the lack of Blazers-related posts.  My bracket has just one nasty little mark on it from the Illinois-Western Kentucky game, but I think I'll live.  And....into the quick thoughts...

Blazers vs. Cavs -
  • I was able to watch most of the Blazers game with the Cavaliers last night and I must say, that I was pretty pleased with the way Portland played.  Team turnovers were low and they outrebounded the hell out of Cleveland, but they still couldn't overcome Mr. James.
  • Oden was +5 yesterday and Joel was -10 even with another solid double-double.  I may bitch, constantly about Greg, but his presence is needed and WILL be need come playoff time.
  • Rudy is still playing scared or uncomfortable...Sergio and Bayless are playing like D-Leaguers...
  • Fortunately for everyone, the Blazers have today off and then head to Milwaukee tomorrow to finish out this road trip.  And if they pull off the win, they'll finish up the trip 3-2 which should leave everyone very happy.
NCAA Tourney -
  • As I previously mentioned, my bracket dominated through the entire first day...but the second day is always another story.  The first set of games this morning are going as planned yet I'm still worried.  
  • How are your brackets looking?
NBA Dancer Bracket -
  • I've officially given up on my promotion of this event.  The Blazer Dancers lost in the opening round to Houston...yes Houston.  So I'm also officially pissed at Blazer fans for not going to the site and voting continuously throughout the day to make sure they advanced.  You all managed to advance the Blazers in that ridiculous 2-on-2 tourney that Ball Don't Lie put on, yet you let your girls down.  Sad.  (Still wondering why none of our fellow Blazer blogs supported this at all.)
  • OK, I sort of lied...I'm going to bring back some posts on the bracket once it gets to the final four teams.  We need to see if Miami can 4-peat!
Have a great weekend all!

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Anonymous 3/20/09, 11:54 AM  

Sorry - didn't support the Blazer Dancers because they may be good dancers, but they sure ain't pretty. Not that the Houston dancers were that great, either ...

Anonymous 3/21/09, 8:17 AM  

Could at least vote because its Portland if nothing else. Show that local pride!

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