March 6, 2009

Too Much Denver. Nuggets Pull Away from Blazers. 106-90

How are you feeling after last night’s loss to the Denver Nuggets?  Surprised? I no longer am.  The Blazers are easily one of the top 5 or 6 teams in the league when they play in the Rose Garden, but once they jump on Paul Allen’s plane and head anywhere respectable, they play like the young team of years past.  The Nuggets were the better team last night from the opening tip even after Portland made two major runs in the 3rd quarter.  Until some defensive maturity sets in with these young pups, it could be a while before we can all start thinking of anything but first round losses.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Just as I started my leap onto the LaMarcus/Outlaw bandwagons, this game happened.
  • Superstars always get theirs, but they shouldn't get 40.
  • The depth that Oden provides was needed last night.
  • Nate preaches defense, but can't make adjustments for sh*t.
  • How many times in a row can a team run a double-pick-wheel and get a free dunk?
  • Bayless and Sergio are competing for worst back-up PG in the league.
  • Channing, you are getting your shot and failing miserably.
  • Time for some Ruffin physicality?
  • Rudy should be thanking LaMarcus after laying the hammer on "Birdman" Andersen.
  • Now, get back home and rest for this 4-game homestand.

Plus/Minus Sheet:

No Highlights.

Box Score.

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Anonymous 3/6/09, 5:12 PM  

I didn't know Outlaw and Aldridge had that bad of an impact. Outlaw provided a spark, and Aldridge put in his normal numbers. But when Outlaw comes in down by 2 and the lead grows, that says something, especially since he replaced Batum, who was playing well.
It was a tough loss, no doubt about it. Only the slam by Aldridge showed me something.

If you are interested, I was hoping we could exchange sites an put them on each others' blog. I really enjoy your stuff!

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