April 20, 2009

Blazers Playoffs Black Shoe Ritual?

One of the first things I noticed in Saturday night's game, was the fact that the team was sporting black kicks with the white uni's.  I seriously shouted out, "WTF?  They never wear black with the whites..."

Sure enough, other people noticed and it sounds like the Blazers added the black shoes to the arsenal because of some Playoff ritual?  I've yet to find out anything on this ritual and would love to hear from someone that knows anything about it.

As a former basketball player, I'm all about the superstitions, so this change to the black shoes from the usual white totally threw me for a loop.  Any little change from a pre-game warm-up time to a shoe color change is always something athletes worry about.  I'm definitely surprised to see the Blazers doing all of these special things just for the Playoffs...

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Kristin 4/20/09, 10:18 AM  

I've heard 2 stories about the shoes:

1: Nate's Sonics did this and he decided to carry the tradition to Portland.

2: Scottie Pippen started the tradition when he was in Portland.

Although I am superstitious too, I think if they change the shoes back it will just be giving the guys something superficial to blame for the loss. I think they should stick to the black shoes and show that it doesn't matter if their shoes are purple.

kellex 4/20/09, 10:30 AM  

Thanks for the 2 tips Kristin. I was thinking about the Pippen era, but no one is left from that time to carry it on. Maybe someone in the organization brought it up...

And I'm so campaigning for purple shoes!

sterles 4/20/09, 11:05 AM  

I've also heard it's a league-wide tradition, that most teams do it. I agree that it would be bad to change it now.

Jeremy 4/20/09, 11:49 AM  

Supposedly the black shoes phenomenon started back in 1989 with the Bulls and Michael Jordan. The Bulls did it a sign of team unity because everybody looks at your feet when playing.

Needless to say after the Bulls success in the finals, everyone else has jumped on this bandwagon for the playoffs over the past 20 years.

The black shoes look better on the road than at home.

kellex 4/20/09, 11:58 AM  

Or maybe we can all blame the Fab 5 from Michigan?

Kristin 4/20/09, 1:19 PM  

Actually I blame Spinal Tap for the loss. At least when Anthony Keidis comes to the games we win.

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