April 24, 2009

DIME Magazine - Brandon Roy Special

If you haven't read the article on Brandon Roy over at DIME yet, then shame on you young one.  Not sure if this is the actual article published in this month's magazine or not, but it is a fantastic read.  We all know the kind of guy Brandon comes off as and this article just re-enforces everything and more.  I'll just grab a couple of highlights, but make sure you head over to DIME and read the rest...

Roy on his newly found spotlight:
“It’s hard to say. On one hand, I want the respect of being a great player, but on the other hand, I don’t like all the attention,” Roy says. “But I definitely feel like a national magazine cover, yeah, that’s great for me. I’ve never done any big magazine covers; I’ve done some local stuff, but on a major magazine? That’s pretty cool. It’s almost like I’m taking that next step to being one of the guys that are, like, stars in the NBA.”
Channing Frye surprised at how good Brandon has become:
“Did I see him being this good? Hell no!” laughs Blazers forward Channing Frye, a University of Arizona product who played against Roy in the Pac-10 while he was at the University of Washington. “His game wasn’t so much different than it is now, I just think his confidence is different now. He’s blossomed.
A story on why we love this kid so much:
“I was working out this summer at this gym. I worked out every day for three months, and it was the last day I was working out. A guy came up to me and was like, ‘I know this might be crazy, but I worked out with you for three months, and I never would have guessed you were anybody special. I heard people talking about you and I went home and asked my son and he went crazy. Like, You worked out with Brandon Roy for three months and you didn’t even know? You never once let off you were better than anybody in the gym.’
Now, get your ass over there and finish it out.  Excellent work as always Austin.

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