April 8, 2009

A Few Quick Ones - Blazers vs. Spurs 4/8

At this point in the season, "15 Thoughts" seem a little redundant don't they?  I mean, we all know what to expect from each team and we definitely all know what's on the line.  So from here on out, we'll just try and throw a few quick ones out to preview games and at least give you an idea of where our mind is for whatever the current match-up may be.

  • Favored? ESPN Accuscore has it 59% - 41% in favor of the Spurs.  The problem I have with that number is the fact that the Spurs are 2-3 in their last 5 with one of those 3 losses coming at home to Oklahoma City.  Plus, the Blazers up until the loss to Houston had blow out 4 straight opponents including OKC.  
  • Injuries?  The Ginobili injury doesn't necessarily effect this match-up at all.  All 3 previous games between these teams did not include Manu and his flopiness, so it's basically the same scenario the Blazers have faced all year.  You should all be more interested in the status of Duncan's knees.
  • Parker?  If Steve Blake can hold Tony Parker under 25, the Blazers could steal this game.  Duncan will get his, but fortunately for Portland, there are two 7-footers to throw at him.  Parker is definitely the guy to grit your teeth at tonight..err this afternoon.  (Game on ESPN at 4:00PM)
  • Other Match-ups?  Houston is idle tonight and Denver is playing the Thunder at home so forget about those teams.  In the back of your mind though, keep a couple of firing electrons cheering for the Suns over the Hornets and the Mavericks over the Jazz.  The Blazers win this game, and they may find some separation from from those bottom 3 spots.
  • Lakers?  Friday people.  Friday.  Monu-freaking-mental?
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