April 10, 2009

A Few Quick Ones - Lakers vs. Blazers 4/10

  • Favorites?  It's definitely a rare occasion to find the Lakers as an underdog.  You may see it when Los Angeles travels to Boston or Cleveland, but to Portland?  You damn right. 
  • Phil-lessPhil Jackson will not make the trip to Portland tonight because of a severe case of plantar fasciitis.  The poor guy...he already suffers from major hip issues and now has a bad foot that's causing his entire leg to be in so much pain that he can't even jump on a 3 hour plane ride.  Not sure a Phil-less Lakers team will be all that different; I think we all know that Phil isn't necessarily an "in-game coach."
  •  Meaning?  When you look at the standings, this game really means nothing to the Lakers, but if you understand any of the history between these two teams, you know it actually means quite a bit.  There was the Ariza-Fernandez incident from the last meeting, the winning streak at the RG, Lamar Odom the thug, and of course Kobe's ego. 
  •  Seeding?  As a Blazer fan, you have to understand that these last 4 games are as important as playoff games.  In fact, you might as well consider them playoff games since they directly effect so many things starting April 18th.  
  •  Bynum vs. Oden Again?  Both are coming off of injuries and both will also be coming off the bench.  We may finally get the battle of the young bigs we've been waiting on for almost 2 years now.  It should be one gleefully sloppy shoving fest.  Neither is close to being polished yet they still seem to be the story each night.  Anyone else feeling Oden in full on beast mode tonight?
  • Tomorrow?   And let's not forget about tomorrow in L.A.  The Clippers always play Portland tough and the last thing any of us need to see is a let down with a week to go.
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