April 15, 2009

A Few Quick Ones - Nuggets vs. Blazers 4/15

  • A Win Means?  They win and they get home court.  They win and they possibly get a 3 seed.  I don't know about you, but as a #3 seed, playing either New Orleans or Dallas sounds a lot nicer than facing off against either the Spurs or the Rockets.  And not having to play the Lakers in the second round is also a pretty damn important thing.
  •  Record?  How does 54 wins sound?  The Portland Trail Blazers haven't hit a number that high since the 1999-2000 season of which the team totaled 59.  Even if the team loses tonight and ends with 53, you've got to feel so good about this team and where they've come from.
  • Tonight?  Can they finish off this remarkable season with a win over the Denver Nuggets?  I'm a little nervous but still think the Nuggets will be somewhat in resting mode before the weekend.  Without taking an hour to dig into tie-breaker scenarios, it looks as if the Nuggets will end in the #2 spot no matter what.  Well, unless Houston wins tonight...dammit.
  • Watching?  Where is everyone watching the game at tonight?  Obviously we all can't attend the actual game, so it's time for everyone to tell us their favorite game spot.  The last few games have left me stumped as to where to go.  I end up watching from the comfort of my own couch and in front of my HD telie.
  • Blowout?  I want a blowout.  I'd love to see the Blazers send one more statement to the country before the playoffs start.  Brandon Roy is still getting zero love from the national media but tonight, he'll have another chance to show what he's capable of.
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