April 21, 2009

A Few Quick Ones - Rockets vs. Blazers 4/21

  •  Simple as Yao?  Every expert in the game has now called the Blazers idiots for not fronting Yao Ming while every other team in the league has had success doing just that all season long.  I'm guessing we'll see some fronting tonight and hopefully a ton of early double-teams.  The Rockets likely won't shoot the lights out again and as long as Portland harrasses the hell out of Yao-zer, we should see a favorable result.
  • Artesttier?  We've been talking so much about the 2-headed monster of Portland, Joel and Greg, but what about the Rockets'?  Ron Artest and Shane Battier have one single goal in this series and that is to take on Brandon Roy.  Brandon will see zero breaks throughout this first round match-up and if Portland plans on advancing, they need Aldridge and the rest of the cast to shine.
  • Superstitions?  I wrote yesterday about Roy's suit and their black shoes and it just reminds me how young this team is.  Young kids like to make changes or special tweaks for special occasions when they really just need to focus on the task at hand.  Rather than worrying about traditions or wearing a suit for only the 3rd time all year, maybe you should just be concentrating on the game?
  • Go ESPNESPN Accuscore is all over the Blazers, giving them 61% chance at victory which is pretty damn high.  Of course they are playing the numbers game while the rest of us know the Playoffs defy all odds.  The Rockets, sans McGrady, have been defying them all year.
  • Sinus Infection?  A sinus infection Greg?  That nonsense seriously makes it to the media?  When playing one of the toughest teams in the league, maybe you should only report an injury when your actual nose falls off or it's broken.  We want to take you seriously, but the team is doing you no favors.
  • No Tickets?  Since I left town last Friday and knew I'd miss Saturday's game, I didn't wait in line for 36 hours to get tickets so I'll be roaming around town to find my Playoff watching spot.  Grand Central?  Tortoise?  On Deck? 

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