April 13, 2009

A Few Quick Ones - Thunder vs. Blazers 4/13

  •  How Hot?  "Your" Portland Trail Blazers have won 8 of their last 10.  Normally that wouldn't sound as incredible as it does right now, but this is the final stretch of the season which has so much weighing on it.  For a team this young, without any playoff-type experience to be winning against some of the best teams in the game when it really matters, is mind-boggling.  Their "time" wasn't supposed to be now, but it is.
  • LopsidedESPN Accuscore has this game at 91% to Portland.  Eek.  I'm guessing that it would take an act of...Buddha...to help the Oklahoma City Thunder take out the Blazers tonight in the Rose Garden.  Sure, the Thunder played the Blazers well early in the season, but this is completely another team.  Even Durant felt the force in the last battle.
  • Starting to Believe?  I know things are getting pretty special when my brother starts calling me after games to chat about how "crazy" or "awesome" it was.  When the casual sports fan spends a night out with his chick watching a Blazers game, you know this is going to be a season to remember for a long time.  If you havent' already, it's time to start believing.  It's time...to start obsessing.
  • Third or Fourth Spot?  The 4th and 3rd spots in the West are just dangling in front of Portland.  After a blowout win tonight (if that jinxes it, punch me) they'll take on Denver in hopes of securing home court in the 1st round.  If they win out, there is a pretty good chance that the worst they'll finish is in 4th.  Houston plays New Orleans and then goes to Dallas.  San Antonio goes to Golden State and then finishes up with New Orleans.  Feel that burn.
  • Looking Forward?  It's hard not to look forward to Wednesday...loving this new found confidence I have towards the Blazers.  I actually expect wins.  When was the last time those words came out of my mouth?
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