April 1, 2009

Sir Clifford Robinson's House Broken Into

Normally I would never shell out a link to a Fox network, especially KPTV, but they are reporting on Clifford Robinson and his North Plains house getting broken into
Burglars broke into the home of former Portland Trail Blazer Cliff Robinson recently, ransacking the house and stealing everything from televisions to guitars, deputies said Tuesday.

The break-in on Jackson Quarry Road in North Plains occurred while Robinson was out of town. It's unclear when the theft happened, but Robinson said his real estate agent discovered the damage Monday.
Luckily the "C-Monster" was out of town and no one else was around to deal with the intruders.  We all remember the Sean Taylor robbery plus the Antoine Walker and Eddy Curry Chicago hold-ups.  Glad to see you are OK, big C.

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JackBrown 4/1/09, 8:26 PM  

Call Terrell Brandon!

kellex 4/1/09, 9:00 PM  

I think it's time for a TB sighting. Good call.

Dr. Anklesnap 4/2/09, 1:16 PM  

Good thing Cliffy wasn't home....the big dog would have had to rough 'em up!

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