April 1, 2009

Third Straight Blowout. Blazers Waltz Jazz. 125-104

We called for a playoff performance from "your" Portland Trail Blazers and I would say that you could consider their delivery right on time.  A third straight win by 20+ points?  When was the last time that happened? (This is me summoning stat geeks.)  At one point in the game, I murmured to myself, "The Blazers are getting every call," but now that I see the box score, that wasn't necessarily the case.  Shooting 61% from the field was actually the culprit in this "blazing."

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • The Roy/Aldridge tandem is now what we expected it to be.
  • Someone argue that Deron Williams is a better play than Roy.  Please do.
  • Holding Boozer to just 3 boards should be noted.
  • +35 for Blake?  Sad to say, but he almost needs to play 48 minutes per.
  • If Batum isn't in the "untouchable" trade-talk category, then fire Pritchard.
  • What's with opponents needing to throw balls at Joel?
  • Glad to see him continue to stand up for himself though.  Ghostface!
  • Any word on Rudy's return?
  • I'm feeling giddy just writing this post as my mind wanders into the near future.
Plus/Minus Sheet:  (Oden the factor.)

Box Score.

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Steven 4/1/09, 9:34 AM  

The last time the Blazers won 3-straight by 20+ points was in 1992.

kellex 4/1/09, 9:57 AM  

I just read that somewhere too, thanks for looking it up for me though.

J-Tyme 4/1/09, 12:03 PM  

It's the Ghost...Face...Przybilla!!!!

kellex 4/1/09, 12:14 PM  

Hah such a foo. Damn right it is.

MC Welk 4/1/09, 1:10 PM  

Blazers did get every call in the first 3 quarters. Boxscore is the result of a ton of 4th quarter makeups. Hard to argue Deron over Brandon after this game, but didn't he score 34 in Portland last year?

kellex 4/1/09, 1:52 PM  

Talking this year Welk. There was a lot of bitching over the All-Star break about Williams over Roy and I think Roy proved again tonight why he's deserving of all of the awards he keeps getting.

MC Welk 4/1/09, 1:59 PM  

I absolutely love Roy as a player. Don't get me wrong. You didn't hear me bitching about him over Williams as an all-star. All I'm saying is Deron had a bad night.

kellex 4/1/09, 2:02 PM  

Deron did have a bad night; we all know what he is capable of.

Just glad on my end, to finally see Roy getting plenty of talk nationally.

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