April 20, 2009

Worried? Maybe a Little...

Unfortunately for me, I spent the entire weekend back in Montana...wait, maybe that should say "fortunately".  I was able to catch the game in some random sports bar that lacked even one HD-LCD TV.  How am I still sane?  Don't ask.

After marinating on the outcome for a full 9-hour drive, I'm just not that worried.  OK, maybe a little.  Houston is good people and no matter what anyone says, they are better without Tracy McGrady.  They play the same slow ass offensive scheme as the Blazers but beat the hell out of people defensively.  They have a 7'6" guy who actually has skill, a point guard that is coming into his own, and a bad boy to take on the Blazers star.

I've read the rumors of McMillan completely benching Frye again and even looking at the dual-7-foot attack which I'm totally down for.  It's the Playoffs, and having almost zero success against the Rockets calls for immediate change.  Even drastic change.

Oh, I should probably give a shout out to the random guy sporting the camo-Blazers cap in James Bar in downtown Missoula.  Nice to see Blazers fans, even in the sticks.  (Should have Twipic'd that biz, but Montanans may not be Tweeting quite yet.)

Can't wait for Tuesday night.  Damn it feels good to be back in Portland. 

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