April 7, 2009

Yet Another Oden vs. Durant Comparison

I love Sports Illustrated, but the fact that they led off a "round table" with an Oden vs. Durant debate is comical and completely amateur.  Don't we all agree that Kevin Durant will play in All-Star games and be in MVP conversations for years to come?  And Oden, will hopefully just be a key piece on a team striving to win multiple NBA Championships?

But continuing to compare the two?  Why is anyone still wasting their time with this 2 year old argument?  Thankfully, SI still has Ian Thomsen:
I think Durant is going to be a terrific player, and his Oklahoma City team is positioned to improve this summer -- to the point that next season I'm sure we'll begin to read and hear opinions that Portland picked the wrong guy. But who knows what will happen over the next five years? That's the time frame Oden will require as a 21-year-old center who missed his opening season. Considering last season was a rehab year for him, he's done pretty well to help Portland reach the playoffs.
Personally, I've just accepted Oden for what he is. A young, unpolished, and athletically gifted kid.  Only time will tell if those big ol' feet will lighten up and his basketball IQ will increase.

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