May 3, 2009

Another 7 NBA Logos You'll Likely Never See

One of our favorites posts of all time was the original "7 NBA Logos Likely or Unlikely to Ever Be Seen?"and with all that has gone on over the last year or so, we figured it was time for an update.  Plus, we had some requests during the last episode which needed to be included this time around.  Hope you enjoy!

7.  The Hug -This was such a cute moment but we all remember how well John Amaechi was received once he announced his sexual preference.  Not that we have any issue with anyone's sexuality; this still isn't necessarily sending a message of fierce competition now is it?

6.  The Mascot - First off, no one wants a fat ass mascot as the logo of the NBA.  It's bad enough that kids need to see an overweight mouse running around acting a fool, but as the image to represent the greatest league on the planet?  I don't think so.

5.  The Methhead Birdman - I hate to say it, but this logo actually looks pretty solid once it hits blue and red form, but come on, the Birdman?  Already a posterchild for conspiracies, the last thing the NBA needs is it's resident drug addict emblazened on it's every piece of merchandise.

4.  The Euro - Tony Parker and Dirk Nowitzki are outstanding professional basketball players, but you'll never see a Euro as the logo.  This is an American sport, and even though they've seen some success in international ball, this game still belongs to us.  Sorry Tone.

3.  The Rule Changer - Making a mockery of the Commissioner's 1 year in college rule isn't exactly going to score you any points.  And then when you finagle your way around that rule and stink it up overseas, you're definitely not going down in least not in a Jerry West kind of way.

2.  The Thompson Thomas - Practically banished from the league, Isiah Thomas can't even set foot on an NBA court these days without a lawsuit popping up.  Hell, even his new boss can't even get his name right.  And to think, he may have had a shot at the logo.

1.  The Ref - Do we really need an explanation on this one?

And after the last edition, we had a couple of requests that we needed to fulfill.  One of these may someday turn into the logo of the NBA and I'm sure none of us would argue with it, but the other is strictly for fun.

The 'Bonis

The G.O.A.T.

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Anonymous 5/4/09, 9:13 AM  

Honestly -- the Jordan one would work.

kellex 5/4/09, 9:26 AM  

Yeah I definitely like the Jordan version. Maybe some day.

Unknown 5/4/09, 9:47 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous 5/4/09, 11:34 AM  

You said The G.O.A.T. but I don't see Kobe's silhouette up there

BettorFan 5/4/09, 1:27 PM  

The Thomas is nice!

Jonathan 5/4/09, 5:02 PM  

#3 also is the DVD cover for House Party 6.

Anonymous 5/4/09, 7:00 PM  

They will never get rid of the original Jerry West logo.

Anonymous 5/5/09, 6:53 AM  

You are terrible at photoshop.

kellex 5/5/09, 8:43 AM  

Thank you.

Anonymous 5/5/09, 8:58 AM  

the jordan logo could definitely work. it looks awesome! im not even a fan of the NBA. at least not a 'hardcore' fan.

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