June 15, 2009

Vanessa Bryant - Hot or Not?

It seems like we've been seeing a lot more of Vanessa Bryant these days and we're struggling to decide if that's a good thing or not.  Back in the day we were a fan and then we read the 1,000 stories about her being the hugest b***h on the planet.  Is anything a quicker turn-off than a mid-game lashing of a reporter?

So tell us your thoughts...is Vanessa Bryant hot or not?  (Pictures from Game 5)

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Matt 6/16/09, 2:01 AM  

I've always thought really hot. She definitely looks better sometimes than others though, kind of meh in those 2 pics.

kellex 6/16/09, 8:01 AM  

I was definitely on the 'Nessa wagon, but then I saw these...

Anonymous 6/17/09, 11:41 AM  

[x] hot
[x] bitch
[x] got bling

Anonymous 6/17/09, 3:16 PM  

Vanessa is a beautiful woman and a great mom & wife. Kobe is very lucky!

Anonymous 6/18/09, 1:21 PM  

Hell mf'in' yeah!

Anonymous 6/18/09, 5:54 PM  

She is mad hot. After that win kobe probably had sex with her so much.

Anonymous 6/21/09, 10:27 AM  

she is so hot she is such a milf you ever see her ass . o my god fuckin sexy i would do her som hard in bed if i had the chance.

bauer 6/22/09, 10:14 AM  

wow...feel the love for ms. bryant

Anonymous 6/24/09, 3:56 PM  



Anonymous 6/24/09, 3:58 PM  

looks weird now i'd still do her i think !!

wait maybe not

Anonymous 6/30/09, 9:00 AM  

She is very beautiful and seems to be a good mother, Love her.

Anonymous 10/6/09, 1:23 AM  

She has a pretty face but she is letting her self go!! She has gained weight look at the arms, she knows its her dutty as a trophe wife to look good no exceptions. Then again she might be depresed at her husbands new affair with Carla Dibello. Poor thing.

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