July 10, 2009

Bulls Want Bayless in Hinrich Deal

The latest update to the Jazz/Bulls/Blazers 3-way was just announced and it's a doozy (via ESPN).  I'm actually not sure where I stand on this one especially with only having pondered it for about 10 minutes.  Scroll right to the last sentence in the first paragraph and I'm betting your jaw will drop:
One source close to the process on Friday identified two main obstacles to the aforementioned three-way deal. Concerned about the quality of its backcourt rotation if it has to surrender Hinrich with Thomas after losing Ben Gordon in free agency, Chicago would insist that the Blazers surrender young guard Jerryd Bayless, which Portland is reluctant to do.

If it can't get Bayless, Chicago might still be willing to substitute Tim Thomas for Tyrus Thomas in the deal, but sources say Utah would likely balk if Tyrus Thomas is not included.
The question is:  is Hinrich worth trading away last year's lottery pick?

Seriously, I have no idea.  Jerryd Bayless is one hell of a talent, but at the same time, is he ever going to be a point guard?  He's always been slapped into that title, but has he truly ever been one?  The guy can score, jump out of the f-ing building and defend, but can he run a team?  So far the answer to that question is "no."  Will he be able to in the next 2-3 years?  And is the Portland front office willing to wait that long to find out?  I guess the answer to those questions is when we find out the conclusion of this trade proposal.

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Richard 7/10/09, 1:58 PM  

I'm from Chicago...

People keep calling this a 3 way trade when it's only two trades. A 3 way is when I give you something, you give your brother Chuck something, and Chuck gives me something.

Portland is only part of this deal because it off loads Hinrich's salary from Chicago Bulls. But Blazer fans think this is a 3 way trade, it may be simultaneous, but it's not 3 way.

Jerry Reinsdorf is the owner of the Chicago Bulls and is a millionaire. So why would a millionaire "give an asset" like Hinrich to anyone for free?

Doesn't Portland need to have some "skin in this trade"?

If the Bulls trade away Hinrich, it seriously weakens our 2nd string guard rotation. Bayless takes care of that problem.

The Chicago Bulls are aiming to go beyond the 1st round of the playoffs next year. Do the Blazers want to do the same?

kellex 7/10/09, 2:03 PM  

Not sure Bayless is going to get the Bulls into the second round. :P

Although, if they allow him to fling up shots from everyone like they did Gordon, he may fit right in.

And we're all calling it a 3-way because 3 teams are involved. It's easier to say that "check out this 2 way trade between 3 different teams!"

Richard from Chicago 7/10/09, 2:59 PM  


Bayless strengthens a Bulls 2nd string weakened by the loss of Hinrich. It's Boozer replacing Tyrus Thomas, a healthy Deng, and a variety of other factors that gets Bulls into 2nd round...

...where they would be trampled by the revitalized Celtics or Cleveland.

kellex 7/10/09, 3:41 PM  

As much as I hate to say this, I'm starting to really understand why they would want Bayless. His games fits perfectly into their style. And with Boozer and Bayless on board, the Bulls could make a splash...but you are right, they still have the Cavs, Magic and Celtics to deal with. Ick.

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