July 24, 2009

Carlos Arroyo on Portland's List? Maybe.

According to Hoops World, the Blazers spoke with Carlos Arroyo and his agent last week in Las Vegas while the summer league team was getting crushed by a bunch of nobodies.  Apparently he wants a 2 year deal and a starting job if he's going to return to the NBA
Arroyo  – who played overseas last season for Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel – and his agent Leon Rose want Carlos to return to the NBA in a starting role and are asking for two-year deal, but the source believes Portland doesn't see Arroyo as a fit for the Blazers in that capacity.

Prior to playing in the Israeli League, Arroyo played for Toronto, Denver, Utah, Detroit and Orlando before signing a three-year deal last summer with Maccabi, where he earned roughly $2.5 million. His best season as a pro came in 2003-04 with the Jazz where Arroyo started 71 games and averaged 12.6 points and 5 assists in 28.3 minutes per game.
I'm not really sure why Arroyo thinks he is anywhere near starting NBA PG territory, but kids are always free to dream.  The Blake/Bayless tandem is a much more exciting and solid option than adding a guy that couldn't hack it in the NBA his first time around. 

Carlos Arroyo stat page.

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ektor 8/1/09, 8:10 PM  

haha free to dream.... 2004 utah finished the season 42-40 and the main guys were arroyo and kirilenko. boozer was nobody and okur was inconsistent. later that year he guide PR to beat US for the first time in their olympic story. plus he have 5 championships in the puertorrican league and last year at israel he add another championship to his resume and you said bayless and blake are better. I don't know what arroyo are talking about but keep your eyes open

Anonymous 8/12/09, 6:47 PM  

ektor...I agree...I know 2004 is already behind us but you know how fans are...everyone talks about the dream team but they don't talk about that game...it's like a nightmare that won't go away...Carlos is not the best PG but he's not a chump either...he's much better than the average in the NBA..including Nelson in Orlando. I do admit that there are some awesome PG's in the NBA and that Arroyo has the talent but no one wants to give him the time.

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